Rod Tribiger
                                                               "Morning Glow"

Watercolour on Paper

                                                                 Framed 24 x 27

                                                                   $900.00 cdn.
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Born in Kelowna, British Columbia in 1972, Rod Tribiger’s early love of nature sparked an interest in spending much time in the wilderness. As the years passed, his desire to paint what he saw became more and more evident. The subject of wildlife caught his attention and as a result, birds and mammals became the focal point of his artwork.
Over the years, Rod’s artistic techniques underwent constant changes and he soon realized that he is blessed with a very specific talent. In 1990, Rod had the opportunity to work in an art gallery as a picture framer and it was during this time that his artwork made its first appearance in the public eye.

Demand for original oil paintings soon began to grow and 1992 brought the publication of Rod’s first limited edition print. Painting became his full time profession and in 1996, one of his pieces was chosen to be a part of the annual Ducks Unlimited print package.
Although recognition and demand for his artwork has brought Rod a sense of satisfaction, the ultimate reward has been the opportunity to share images of God’s creation with others.

The Okanagan Valley, which never ceases to give its beauty, is still home to both Rod and his wife. To paint the wonderful creations of God is one of his deepest desires. To realize Him as the awesome Creator through the images of His creation is Rod’s hope for his audience.