Romance, Trisha
                                                                                        "The Home Bakery"

                                                                                  L/E Unframed 17 1/4 x 12  Paper

                                                                                                  S/N  15,000

                                                                                                 $500.00 cdn.

                                                                                   "Christmas At The Cottage"

L/E Unframed 20 7/8 x 12 7/8  Paper

                                                                                                    S/N  15,000

                                                                                                   $380.00 cdn.

                                                                       "Candlelight Stroll"

                                                          Open Edition Vignette Unframed 8 x 11 1/2 

                                                                                $49.95 cdn.

"IF I DIE THIS NIGHT, I WILL DIE A TOTALLY CONTENTED HUMAN BEING." I WHISPERED these words at the end of an unbelievable day in Lautenheim, a remote village in France where, for the first time, I had met my relatives in the old world.

Before I knew it, surrounded by loving relations who a moment before had been perfect strangers, I was entering the house that my great-great-grandfather had built. As my cousins proudly took me on a tour, I couldn't help but become a tangle of emotion and inspiration. When they opened the door to my great-great-grandfathers workshop, I felt close to him, just as I had felt when I spent hours in my grandfather's workshop, catching curled wood-shavings as they flowed from his plane.

It was a moment of contentment never to be forgotten, and in an attempt to capture it, I sketched the doorway that had welcomed me into the house. Looking back, I think this moment crystallizes my experience as an artist, combining my love of family and surroundings with my need to record them in my painting.

This need and desire to capture such moments has been part of me for as long as I can remember. So when people ask, "When did you become an artist?" I answer that I believe it isn't a case of becoming as much as it is a state of being.
While the simple desire to understand shape and colour is very natural to any child, it is the artist in you that never lets you outgrow that desire. In my case, the wonderful release of expression that art offers took many forms, but it always seemed to be influenced by my surroundings and the things that were important to me.