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Mobius can be a double, triple, or four ring weave.....depending on the size of the jump ring.  Mobius is a simple, yet elegant weave that can be used for bracelets, ear rings and necklaces.
Byzantine is one of my favourite weaves and can be used in any application.  It looks great in gold and silver.  With Byzantine, the smaller or thicker the ring, the tighter the weave.   This weave is extremely elegant, but time consuming to weave.
Byzantine in sterling silver and Argentium silver.
Three and three is a simple and universal weave.  It is elegant and used for several different applications.  It can be made with a mixture of gold and silver rings or  single coloured rings.  This weave can be as simple as one and one, two and two or even four and four, depending on the size and thickness of the rings.
Double rope is another one of my favourite weaves.  It can be vey elegant but difficult to weave.  Only a certain size ring can be used to get the proper results.
Parallel, or Helms weave must be used with two different size rings.  The smaller rings must be small enough to fit within the larger rings.  Again, very elegant and two different colours can be used.  This method uses five larger rings and two smaller rings to make each section.
Box weave is a variation of the Byzantine and tends to end up a bit heaver looking than the regular weaves.  This weave is wonderful if you want something that looks and feels heavier than normal chains.   The longer chains using Box weaves can be very masculine looking.  Shorter lengths are more universal.
Encasing is very time consuming and requires a very steady hand.  I use a small Swarovsky crystal within the encasemae  Each case requires six rings and the crystals must be small enough in diameter to fit inside the case.   I use this method for making necklaces and bracelets.
Stringing requires a lot of thought put into the project.  One must be wary of colour combinations, size and type of bead.  I use only Swarovsky crystals for my beading projects.