White, Charles
                                                                                        "Lakeside Farms"

  L/E Unframed 36 x 24 Canvas Edition

                                                                                              M/E S/N  500

                                                                                               $480.00 cdn.

                                                                                             Framed 44 x 32

                                                                                               $725.00 cdn.
Born in Quebec, Canada in 1943, Charles H. White displayed an early interest in art and by the age of ten had won his first national youth art contest. Selling many of his works while still in his teens, White decided to further refine his artistic talents and business skills at Brigham Young University.His more than forty years of experience in creating works of art are evident in his beautiful gardens and landscapes. Each composition is classically crafted with attention to the principles of design, color, value and contrast.

His time-consuming techniques creates a luminous, multi-layered work that welcomes the viewer into a world of tranquil beauty and timeless elegance. Over the years White has enjoyed critical acclaim from both the public and his peers. He has won numerous awards at juried shows and his originals are collected around the globe from New York to Japan and various countries throughout Europe.