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                                                      Kathryn Mullaney





     Kathryn Mullaney was raised in Alberta, where she excelled in art throughout her education. Since moving to British Columbia in 1973, the influence of the West Coast permeated her soul and manifested itself in her paintings, which often depict the beauty of the ocean and its abundant wildlife.

     "The West Coast offers a whole new palette of colours and textures waiting to be captured," she says.

     Kathryn has travelled and studied art extensively in Edmonton, Alberta; London, England; Ottawa Ontario and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Victoria, B.C. She studied privately for three years with Gladys Murray, a gifted Fraser Valley teacher, developing her technique.

     An accomplished photographer, Kathryn often uses the photographs she has taken on her travels for detail reference. But her pictures are much more than a composite of photographs laid out in pastel. They evoke a sense of being there; water so realistic you fell as though you could get wet just by touching it, mists that create an aura of tranquility and lush forests exuding mystery.

     Kathryn's favourite medium is soft pastels. Her ability in this medium is recognized by the Federation of Canada Artists and the Northwest Pastel Society with which she is affiliated. As an Exhibiting Signatory Member, she is one of only three Canadians so honoured.

     With original works eagerly sought by a growing group of collectors, her paintings are on display in homes and offices around the world in both private and corporate collections, including Australia, Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, Austria, and Brazil as well as here in Canada. She also has several limited edition prints with more to come.

     She is exhibiting her work in several galleries in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island. She has been featured on several occasions in the Pastel Artists International Magazine.


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